5 Best Free VPN for PC (Windows 11/10) in 2023

Day by day, internet users start realizing the importance of data security and looking for efficient ways to protect it through private connections. In that case, VPN comes to play a major role. It hides your IP address, prevents third-party tracking, provides secure remote access, and more.

In terms of pricing, you can find 4 types of VPN services: 100% free, free and premium, trial and paid, and 100% premium.

Obviously, paid VPNs are highly recommended even if you have a low budget, but a few best free VPN services are available that provide premium features. However, free VPN for PC has pros and cons. Make sure you read the VPN features before downloading any free VPN for PC.

Here, I will share my top recommended VPN services that are 100% free. Check out their features, pros, and cons before installing any free VPN on your Windows 11/10 desktop or laptop.

Top 5 Free VPNs for Windows 11/10 PC in 2023

After researching many free VPN for PC services, I have rounded up these top 5 best VPNs for Windows 11/10 PC. As a beginner, you can try any of these VPN services, and you don’t have to worry about credit card, trial, or money. These free VPNs provide premium services for free.

1. Urban VPN

Urban VPN

Urban VPN is a blazing-fast, unlimited, private, and secure VPN that offers 100% free VPN services. It has 80+ VPN locations with unlimited servers. If you are looking for a free VPN for all platforms, you can download Urban VPN.


100% Free Forever

Urban VPN is a completely free VPN. There is no hidden or upfront charge. Also, you don’t need a credit card.

VPN for Every Platform, Application, and Add-ons

Urban VPN offers browser add-ons, lifestyle solutions, tools, and multiple platforms. You can get VPN for gaming and streaming sites. Also, it provides VPN add-ons for browsers and application VPNs.

Ultra-fast VPN Servers

All UrbanVPN servers are highly optimized for blazing-fast speed. Switch to any server you want, and you will get the best speed.

80+ Locations with Unlimited Servers

Urban VPN has unlimited servers located in major cities in 80+ countries. The servers are in America, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Support Unlimited Devices

You can use Urban VPN on PC and Android, iPhone, router, and more.

Optimize Slow Bandwidth

If your ISP provider throttles your bandwidth and reduces the speed on any website, Urban VPN can bypass the ISP throttling and provide the optimum speed.

Unblock any Website

Using Urban VPN, you can unblock any geo-restricted website with a fast connection and global servers.

Hide your IP Address

Urban VPN hides your IP address and assigns a fake one from its own servers to keep you anonymous. This process will make your digital activities private.


  • Add-on VPNs: hide my IP, YouTube adblocker, and travel VPN
  • VPN for Special Websites and Applications: Netflix, Disney Plus, Reddit, Roblox, Twitter, and Hulu
  • Tools: Password generator, WebRTC leak, IP location, and Chrome proxy settings
  • VPN for Multiple Platforms: Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, Proxy, Router
  • Gaming and Streaming VPN: PUBG, Free Fire, Warezone, and more

Download Urban VPN for PC

2. Proton VPN

Proton VPN

If you want a high-speed free Swiss VPN for PC to protect your online privacy, you can download Proton VPN. It provides an encrypted tunnel for your internet traffic to keep your passwords and secret data private.


Free VPN without Ads

If you are uncertain about buying a premium VPN and want to try the free version beforehand, you can download Proton VPN. It offers a free version with no ads and no catch. Also, it doesn’t sell your data to third parties. You can upgrade to the paid version for better performance and more servers.

Access any Websites

Proton VPN hides your IP address and breaks geo-restrictions to allow you to access any website you want.

Hide your Browser History from Third-party

Proton VPN maintains strict privacy for your digital activities. It keeps your online history private. Also, it will not share your data with third parties.

Encrypt Your Internet Traffic

Proton VPN encrypts your internet traffic and transmits your personal data through a private tunnel. So your data and digital activities will be safe and secure.

Super-fats VPN with VPN Accelerator Technology Suite

Proton VPN uses a unique VPN Accelerator suite to optimize the speeds up to 400%. It also offers an advanced network TCP flow control algorithm for superior performance and stable connection.

Support Multiple Platforms and Devices

Proton VPN is available on all devices. You can download this free VPN for Windows, MacOS, Linux, Chromebook, Android, Android TV, iOS, and iPad OS.

Download Proton VPN for PC

3. Hide.me


Hide.me is a world-class VPN service that promises to provide your online freedom. It hides your real IP address and keeps your internet browsing private. Also, Hide.me provides advanced encryption to safely transmit data and surf the internet.


Fastest VPN with Hide.me Bolt

Hide.me Bolt overcomes the ISP throttling and slowdowns on Windows PC by using the TCP traffic instead of the UDP. This method speeds up the VPN performance on Windows computers.

Complete IPv6 Support

Hide.me is bringing the latest IP address version called IPv6. As you know, IPv4 is a common IP address version that uses 32 bits, about 4.29 billion. Though it is a huge number, they are already allocated.

On the other hand, IPv6 has more capacity than IPv4 because it uses 128 bits address. These are advanced versions of IPv4. Hide.me now supports IPv6 IP addresses.

Dynamic Double VPN

Hide.me offers a multi-hop double VPN feature that lets you choose to start and exit the server to tunnel your network connection over multiple VPN servers.

Split Tunneling

If you want to use VPN on some apps and restrict on other apps, you can do it with the Hide.me VPN. It lets you choose which apps will have VPN and which don’t.

Self-managed DNS Servers

Hide.me has its own DNS servers instead of third-party servers. This process allows internet traffic to transmit through the same tunneling protocol and encryption.

Avoid IP Leaks

Using the kill switch, Hide.me prevents accidental IP exposure and keeps your IP address and locations safe.

No-log Policy

Hide.me has a strict rule not to log users’ personal data. It doesn’t track anything.

Download Hide.me for PC

4. Turbo VPN

Turbo VPN

Turbo is another free VPN for accessing remote servers securely, browsing the internet anonymously, and playing video games. It has a strict no-log policy to protect your data and internet history.

It offers limited functionalities in the free version; however, the paid package provides more servers, ultra-fast speed, devices, and more.

However, you can still try its free VPN and experience the best VPN service. Here are a few common features.


Unlimited Bandwidth

Though Turbo offers a free VPN, it still provides unlimited bandwidth. There is no bandwidth cap for free users.

Fastest VPN

Turbo VPN doesn’t compromise the speed, whether free or not. You will get the fastest performance after activating the VPN.

No-log Policy

The no-log policy means Turbo VPN doesn’t track and keep your data, including browsing history, transaction info, login ID, and more. If your VPN provider doesn’t spy on you, you are safe.

Download Turbo VPN for PC

5. Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield VPN

Using military-grade encryption, Hotspot Shield protects your data and allows you access the blocked sites and streaming content.

Hotspot Shield is one of the oldest VPN providers that offer the world’s fastest VPN services. It doesn’t keep any user logs and data.


2.2x Faster than the Competitors

Hotspot Shield provides blazing-fast speed to watch videos and streaming sites. You can experience up to double the speed of the usual VPN.

Military-grade Encryption

The military-grade encryption, also known as AES 256-bit, is one of the highest encryption methods to secure the network and protect your data. Hotspot Shield offers top-notch encryption to protect your online history and data and prevent cyber-attacks.

800+ VPN Servers

Hotspot Shield’s free version offers 1 location with 800+ servers. After activating, it will connect to the optimum server with a fast speed and stable network.

Support 5 Devices with 1 Account

Hotspot Shield supports up to 5 devices with one account. You can download Hotspot Shield free version for Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, Linux, Smart TV, and routers.

Download Hotspot Shield VPN for PC

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The free VPN for PC is suitable for beginners. You can try their performance without money. In this post, I have listed the best VPN for PC that provides unlimited bandwidth. Few of them provide paid subscriptions. So if you are convinced of their services, you can upgrade to their premium package.

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